Employee Background Firm List

We put up a new page today regarding employee background checks done for employers. We have listed a few companies that do good work with providing fast, comprehensive background investigations on potential new employees.

One company we forgot to get on the list was HireRight Background Screenings, they are still very active in this space. Another popular name — Kroll Background Screening — is now a part of HireRight too.

Or you could check out some other suggested services at http://www.criminal-background.org, where they discuss five different services that all offer lower-priced search alternatives for individuals.

Let us know your thoughts about any firms you have used that you would recommend.


Cheap Background Checks

If you’re looking for a free background check, you may be somewhat disappointed.

Like most things in life, free isn’t worth very much. But if you’re willing to move up to “cheap” or “inexpensive”, then you may be able to find something you’re happy with.

If you want a cheap background check, we have put together a page that lists four of the most popular background search investigation companies on the Web. Take a look at these four and see what you think.

Each of these four services provide good-priced alternatives. They are specifically designed to provide results for individuals who are looking for a instant screening results. They have been providing solid results for several years.